Emerald Ash Borer

Highly Destructive Tree Pest Emerald Ash Borers, Agrilus planipennis, are small metallic-green beetles responsible for killing tens of millions of ash trees in North America. They have been *positively identified in Boulder Colorado’s ash tree population for the first time in September 2013. This tree insect pest is native to Asia and Eastern Russia. The […]

Boulder Climate Change

Boulder Creek Flooding

Record Breaking Years Drought fueled forest fires, including the worst in Colorado’s history (Fourmile Canyon), to this year’s record spring snowfall and now flooding in Boulder – the changes in our climate over the last several years have been especially challenging on both the people and trees here in Boulder county. Trees in Boulder, Colorado […]

Do Trees Need Watering in the Winter?

Watering Trees in the Winter

Winter Watering. Many of us aware that early in the springtime and during the hot summer months trees need watering more frequently.  Did you also know that during the fall and winter months, whenever temperatures are above freezing, trees may benefit with extra watering? How Much Water Do They Need? There are several factors that […]

Preventing Snow Damage

Preventing Damage to Trees Caused by Snow

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin. The Lesson. It was during November and October when a couple big snow storms hit Boulder, Colorado. Until then, the weather had been unusually warm for that time of year and many of the trees still had their leaves. It began raining […]

Ash Tree Yellow Leaves Dying

Ash Tree Yellow Leaves Dying

Important Update: About Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Boulder Lately, several of our clients have been wondering why the trees on their property look like they are dying (trees that recently seem perfectly healthy). Here is a photo that helps to demonstrate the different changes trees may go through during their lifetime. These ash trees […]


Apple Trees 2012

2015: The year hardly any trees produced any fruit (again). A freezing cold snap hit the trees hard just when they were beginning to flower. Unlike the years before when this happened, this time we lost many healthy fruit bearing trees. Including: a few really nice, big apricot trees, apple, peach and strangely enough (though […]

Changes in Trees – Test Results

Diagnosis Tree Illness Examining Symptoms

A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Recently, we published a post called Changes in Trees which asked questions about the growth patterns and dying trees we’re observing while working with our clients, here in Boulder, Colorado. Today, I would like to respond with an […]

Bur Oak – Tree Identification

How to Identify a Bur Oak Tree

Boulder Colorado and Rocky Mountain Region Botanical name: Quercus macrocarpa Family: Fagaceae (beech) A.K.A. mossy-overcup oak, mossycup oak, white oak, blue oak and scrub oak. The second part of the scientific name or specific epithet, macrocarpa means large seed or fruit and the bur oak produces the largest acorns (up to 2 inches in diameter) […]

Chainsaw Maintenance Saves You Money

From sharpening our chains to complete full service tune-ups, we repair our own equipment and perform routine chainsaw maintenance. This helps us to reduce tree service cost for our clients by: reducing chain and bar wear caused by additional friction created by dirt avoiding expensive repair facilities using less fuel and biodegradable bar and chain […]

Changes in Trees

Aspen Trees Dying in Boulder

What is going on with the trees this year? Why are so many of the same types of trees dying and have you noticed the strange growth patterns in so many others this year? It’s no wonder there are some serious changes in the way trees are growing this year in Boulder, CO. The weather […]