Siberian Elm Tree

Botanical Name: Ulmus pumila
Family: Ulmaceae (elm)

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Siberian Elm - Ulmus pumila - Full View

  • Deciduous
  • Listed as an invasive species for much of U.S.
  • Rapid growth rate
  • Reaches up to 55-75′ in height
  • Grows in a variety of habitats and soil conditions including areas with very poor conditions such as: roadsides and asphalt parking lots
  • Hardy elm
  • Alternate bud arrangement with no terminal bud
  • Dark green leaves are 1-3.5″ in length
  • Simple, alternate, serrated leaves with margins that are unequal at base
  • Capable of producing a prolific amount of rounded samaras (seeds)
  • Branches are easily broken by wind and snow
  • Pruning, especially larger cuts, often creates “wet wood” that does not completely heal
  • Fibrous wood can be difficult to split
  • Prefers sun
  • Highly drought tolerate
  • Zone 4