Chainsaw Maintenance Saves You Money

Chainsaw MaintenanceFrom sharpening our chains to complete full service tune-ups, we repair our own equipment and perform routine chainsaw maintenance. This helps us to reduce tree service cost for our clients by:

  • reducing chain and bar wear caused by additional friction created by dirt
  • avoiding expensive repair facilities
  • using less fuel and biodegradable bar and chain oil
  • clean chainsaws run cooler and last longer
  • preventing the spread of disease that may be transmitted between trees
  • improving safety

Chains that are properly sharpened

  • cut quicker
  • leave a clean finish cut, therefore, helping trees to heal more rapidly by preventing the tearing of the cambium which can damage healthy cellular plant tissue
  • reduce operator fatigue.

To help keep your property and our planet free from addition pollutants we use biodegradable chain and bar oil in all our chainsaws. Boulder Tree Care – Boulder,CO.

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