Biodegradable Chainsaw Bar Oil (Vegetable Based)

If you have tree service work done on your property in the past there is a good chance that a petroleum based chainsaw bar oil was used and may still be present on your land today.

chainsaw bar oil (vegetable based)Petroleum based chainsaw lubricants can hang around your yard or garden for years and workers using petroleum based chainsaw bar oils, are at risk from the consequences of daily exposure to these type of carcinogenic lubricants misting off the chainsaw bar.

To help keep your property clean and our environment free from added pollutants Boulder Tree Care uses biodegradable, vegetable based chain and bar oil in all our chainsaws, exclusively.

History of Use

There are countries that have been aware of the negative side affects of using petroleum bar oil and have been using, commercially produced, vegetable based alternatives beginning sometime in 1980. Some have gone as far as to end the production and ban the use of petroleum based bar oil altogether.

Environmental Impact

When we choose to use biodegradable, vegetable based chain and bar oil it prevents thousands of gallons of toxic, petroleum based chainsaw bar and chain oil from being released into our environment, due to operating chainsaws in our forest and on personal property, every year.

And… Helps reduces the environmental impact caused by drilling for oil, the production of petroleum products, and, the negative consequences of oil spills.

Biodegradable chain and bar oil is easily cleaned up with soap and water vs. petroleum oil which is much harder to clean from equipment, often requiring the use of additional chemical agents.

Personal Health

Using vegetable based chain and bar oil reduces health risk to respiratory tracts caused by breathing in the vapors and misting from petroleum oil being flung from the bar and chain.

Many workers who are in contact with petroleum products daily suffer from general skin diseases and medical records also show that petroleum and other harmful chemical additives, which are carcinogenic, misting from machinery causes irritation of the respiratory tract from prolonged exposure.

Cost Comparison

Is it more or less expensive to use vegetable based bar oil compared to petroleum products?

While the upfront cost of biodegradable bar oil can sometimes be almost twice as much as petroleum based oils the price is greatly offset due to chainsaws using vegetable lubricants need about half the amount oil. This is because vegetable oil naturally adheres better to the bar and does not fling off as quickly.

Vegetable based chain oil is higher in lubricity which reduces the friction between the chain and the bar so chains and bars tend to last longer when chainsaws use the biodegradable, vegetable based oils.

Boulder Tree Care uses biodegradable vegetable based bar and chain oil exclusively.

Advantages Of Using Vegetable Oil

  • Better for the environment
  • Reduces health risk
  • Overall reduction of oil usage
  • A renewable resource
  • The vegetable oil used to produce many of the products on the market today can be made in the U.S. helping to create jobs
  • Helps eliminate our dependence on domestic and foreign oil
  • Has a higher flash point
  • It is higher in lubricity which reduces the friction between the chain and the bar
  • Equipment and clothes are easier to clean with soap and water


  • It cost more upfront. Although, the price keeps coming down.
  • Cold weather use – The cold weather properties can be a disadvantage when it comes to pouring and using vegetable oil in extremely cold climates.

While vegetable oils can be used without the use of any additives, many of the commercially produced produces use additives to help stabilize (reduce oxidation) the oil, improve cold weather properties, and, to make the oils adhere better to the chain and bar. Depending on the formula, these additives are not always biodegradable.

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