Stump Grinding Boulder

We offer professional tree removal and stump grinding services for Boulder, Colorado.

Stump grinding for Boulder, Colorado
Do you have a tree stump that is unsightly, want to plant something different or need it gone before beginning a new building project?

There are many reasons to remove tree stumps and we offer solutions for when you want to get the job done right.

We grind all shapes and sizes of stumps. In most cases, when providing tree removal services, we are able to grind stumps below ground level and sometimes we can completely remove the entire tree stump and root ball.

How much does tree stump grinding or removal services cost?

It depends on the:

Size of Stump – The diameter of the stump to be ground is one of the most important factors when estimating the cost of stump grinding.

Location – Accessibility for equipment is sometimes a big variable.

Type of Tree – Some types of wood grind more easily than others.

Age of Stump – Dead, dry wood and green, wet wood have different grinding characteristics.

Conditions Around Base of Tree – Rocky soil wears expensive cutting teeth where as soft loamy soil is less damaging to machinery.

The combination of variables makes it difficult to estimate the overall cost of services without first seeing what is required. That is why we do not charge a fee to visit your property, evaluate the situation and write you an estimate.

If you have any more questions about our tree stump grinding or removal services, please contact us.

Preparations before we can begin stump grinding or stump removal.

Please Read: If there are any buried sprinkler heads, water lines, irrigation systems, shallow water, sewer, power or communication lines in the area where the stump grinding is to take place or other stump removal techniques will be used (pulled out, excavated, etc.) – they need to be either CLEARLY MARKED or MOVED before we arrive.

Usually, stump grinding or stump removal services do not go as deep as properly placed water, power and gas lines, but just in case – you can call 811 (call before you dig) and have them mark where any power and gas lines are.

It is also advisable to contact the companies that provide your irrigation services, cable, phone, or any other services that may be buried near the stump to be removed.

This will help to minimize the risk of damage and costly repairs to existing utilities.

We hope you understand: We cannot be held responsible for causing damage to underground utilities while stump grinding if we are unaware of it’s existence.

Mulch (often beneficial for gardens and compost) is created during the performance of stump grinding procedures and will remain on site unless you specifically request the removal of all stump grinding related mulch (additional fees may apply).

*NOTE: Tree Stump Removal – If you want to remove the entire stump and root ball and you haven’t already removed the tree be sure to leave a nice length of trunk for leverage. Cutting a tree down to ground level will only complicate the situation when trying to tie off and pull out the root ball. If the tree has been cut down to ground level it will usually require stump grinding or digging out, either by hand or by machine (backhoe,¬†front-end loader, etc.)