Crabapple Tree

Botanical name: malus
Family: Rosaceae (rose)

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Crabapple Malus Flowering

  • Deciduous
  • There are many varieties (over 700 cultivars).
  • Heights that range from 15 – 45 ft.
  • Crown can be very busy and produce many twigs
  • Flowers in the early spring
  • Often grown as an ornamental tree.
  •  Edible fruits are small red in color (usually), often very sour. Fruit can be eaten raw , but is more commonly used for canning and the making of jams.
  • Common problems crabapples experience are:  fire blight, rust,  powdery mildew, apple scab, canker diseases, scale, eastern tent caterpillars, leaf defoliators, insect borers, and aphids.