Tree Fertilization & Nutrition

 A healthy root environment is one of the major factors in a tree’s overall health.

Soil Science
As a general rule, trees tend to need less fertilization (depending on soil conditions) than bushes or shrubs.

If the pH in the soil isn’t right for the tree species it may have enough nutrients but be unable to uptake them.

Our soil analysis studies include:

  • Physical properties
  • Soil texture
  • Structure and pore space
  • Chemical properties
  • Biological properties
  • Properties of moisture retention
  • Soil improvement
  • Tree nutrition and fertilization

The essential elements including:

  • macronutrients ~ fertilizer analysis and requirements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium(K)
  • secondary nutrients ~ 17 additional minerals

Water irrigation management practices that prevent anaerobic (absence of oxygen) soil conditions:

  • water conservation
  • drainage

Aren’t sure if your tree needs fertilizers or added nutrients? Please contact us.