Swamp White Oak Tree

Botanical name: Quercus bicolor
Family: fagaceae
Group: white oak

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swamp white oak acorn and stem

  • native to U.S.
  • deciduous
  • reaches a height 55′-75′
  • round, open crown 50′-65′ in width
  • broad, flat, simple leaf with 5-7 shallow lobes
  • moderate to rapid growth rate
  • lives to be 325-350 years of age
  • makes a good shade tree
  • monoecious (male and female flowers on the same tree)
  • catkins appear in may and june
  • produces quality acorn crops every 3-5 years
  • edible acorns are eaten by many animals and make up a large portion of the diet for wild ducks
  • often sold as white oak it’s hardwood has commercial value
  • susceptible to oak wilt fungus
  • very adaptable and transplants well
  • moist soils found in the low lands, near rivers and lakes
  • prefers moist poorly drained soil and is also drought tolerant
  • acidic pH
  • full to partial sun
  • zones 3-8