Sugar Maple Tree

Botanical name: Acer saccharum
Family: Aceraceae

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sugar maple tree


  • Native to North America (northeastern)
  • deciduous
  • reaches a height of 75′-95′ capable of of 100+
  • round open crown 45-55′ in width
  • moderate growth rate
  • broad, flat, simple, palmate veined and lobed (often 5 lobes) leaves that are as wide as they are long
  • opposite leaf arrangement
  • fruits are double samara (two winged seed)
  • the sap is clear in the leaf’s petiole vs. the norway maple – who’s sap is white
  • beautiful fall colors
  • used exclusively for commercial maple syrup production which is harvested in the spring and it takes 40 liters to make 1 liter of refined syrup
  • valuable wood for woodworking
  • prefers full to partial sun and it is tolerant of shade
  • soil pH between 3.8pH acidic and 8.0 alkaline
  • zones 3-8