Western Catalpa Tree

Botanical name: Catalpa speciosa
Family: Bignoniaceae

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Western Catalpa - Catalpa speciosa - Bark, Leaves and Flowers

A.K.A. northern catalpa, catawba tree, indian cigar tree, helicopter tree, hardy catalpa

  • Native
  • Deciduous
  • 35-75 feet in height
  • Up to 3′ in diameter
  • Bark is furrowed
  •  Crown 25-45′ wide
  • Huge heart-shaped, that grow late in the spring
  • Has vibrant green leaves in the spring sometimes turning yellowish green to brown before they fall
  • Big, beautiful flowers that appear in the late spring
  • Whorled leaf arrangement with sunken leaf scars
  • 3 scars per node on the twig
  • Fruit is a long 8-14″ skinny pod that looks a lot like a legume and usually stays on well into winter
  •  Likes moist well drained soil and is fairly tolerate of drought
  • Does well is many different types of soil
  • Full to partial sun
  • Zones 4-8