Staghorn Sumac Tree

Botanical name: Rhus typhina
Family: Anacardiaceae

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Staghorn Sumac Tree - Rhus typhina

  • Native
  • Deciduous
  • Dioecious
  • Small tree
  • Reaching 15′ – 20′ in height
  • Crown is open with a 20′ – 25′ spread
  • Leaves are pinnately compound and alternately arranged on stems that are covered in hairs that are the color of rust
  • 9-31serrate leaflets make a leaf
  • Flowers are yellowish-green
  • Fruit are little red fuzzy berries (drupes) about a .25″ grouped together in a pyramidal cluster on the terminal end of branches
  • Edible berries are more commonly used in making tea (as opposed to being eaten).
  • Full to parial sun
  • Hardiness Zones 4-8