Pest Management

Pest ManagementWe observe and document the changing patterns of invasive insect pest populations. As we monitor the growth cycles of insect pest here in Boulder, Colorado we gain insight on how to manage their populations in regards to your trees and plants.

Our focus is on prevention and suppression of insect pest rather than eradication, which is often not a practical goal of pest control.

Pest management for Boulder Colorado
Understanding the action threshold helps us to determine if intervention is necessary and, the most effective times to implement solutions.
Our concerns about environmental pollution have motivated us to find safer solutions than chemical pesticides. When it comes to pest management there are alternatives to chemical control. Some treatments that are effective in reducing pest populations for many garden plants and small trees include:

Cultivating healthy trees, bushes, shrubs and landscapes is creating a means of cultural control.

Biological control is based on using other natural predators to prey on and weaken pest populations. This could include using parasites and pathogens as well.

Manually removing (ie. washing with a garden hose) insect pest or eggs on smaller trees.

Applying natural horticultural oils and other natural, botanical pesticides, biodegradable ingredients sprayed on leaves.