Crown Cleaning
Crown Cleaning – The left side of this photo is the same tree one year after it received a crown cleaning. It suffered no damage from the snow storm that destroyed so many unpruned trees the following year (when Boulder received a heavy wet snow while the trees still had all their leaves).

Raising the Canopy - Evergreens - Before and After
Raising the Canopy – The owners of this property wanted to lift the canopy and create a more expansive view. Partly to see the mountain lions and bears that have been spotted in their neighborhood recently.

Directional Pruning
Directional Pruning – This tree was growing right into the side of their house. Directional pruning will allow the tree to continue growing and over time it will train the branches to grow in a beneficial direction.

Crown Restoration
Crown Restoration – The crown of this tall shrub-like tree was bent over in a snowstorm and never recovered.

Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction – This cottonwood tree had hadn’t been pruned before. Populus sargentii – Plains cottonwood grow quickly once they are established and this tree had created too many branches that were growing weak (too long and thin). The tree will now grow stronger at the base of the branches and trunk, providing greater stability over the years to come.

Structural Pruning
Structural Pruning – This young maple tree had never been pruned and all the branches were growing together and racing each other toward the sunlight. This tree will benefit with another pruning next year to help create the structural strength that will last throughout it’s lifetime.

The growth at the base of trees often has a pleasant look and other times it can be problematic. New shoots on these trees were growing through the fence and growing larger between the planks, damaging the fence. If the branches are not removed now, in a couple years they would destroy the fence.