Colorado Blue Spruce

Botanical Name: Picea pungens
Family: Pinaceae

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Colorado Blue Spruce Full View

A.K.A. blue spruce and colorado spruce

  • Native
  • Evergreen
  • 55-90′ in height, sometimes more (over 150′ in the wild)
  • 15-25′ broad pyramid shape with thick branching that often reaches the ground
  • Slow growth rate
  • Long lived in wild
  • Whorled buds
  • Single, Sharp, Short and Square needles (numerous) 1-2″ in length and are blueish green
  • Monoecious with separate male and female strobili
  • Cones 3-5″
  • Likes full sun and rich soil but grows in a variety of conditions
  • Zones 4-7