American Linden Tree

Botanical name: Tilia americana
Family: TiliaceaeAmerican Linden Tree

A.K.A. basswood, American basswood, bee tree and lime tree

  • deciduous
  • reaches a height of 55′-78′
  • Round, broad crown 35′-55′ wide
  • medium to rapid growth rate
  • broad, flat, oval, simple leaf 3″-7″ long with serrated (toothed) margins
  • leaves have a heart shaped base and are alternately arranged on stem
  • lacks a terminal bud
  • small flowers have 5 petals and sepals are perfect, fragrant and grow drooping in clusters
  • fruit is a nutlet .25″ attached to a thin narrow leaf-like bract
  • has deep, spreading root system
  • moist well drained soils
  • adaptable to alkaline 7.5 pH to acid 5.3 pH
  • full to partial sun
  • zones 3-8