Scotch Pine Tree

Botanical Name: Pinus sylvestris
Family: Pinaceae

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Scotch Pine Tree - Pinus sylvestris

A.K.A. Scots pine

  • Evergreen
  • Monoecious
  • Reaching a height of 40-65′. When conditions are right it is capable of exceeding 100′.
  • Crown is open, oval,  often irregular with a 25′ – 35′ spread.
  •  Medium growth rate.
  • Simple, entire leaves are needle-like, blueish-green in color, 1-4″ in length.
  • Leaf arrangement is spiraling 360 degree alternate leaves with 2 needles attached at the base (Fascicle).
  • Bark varies from greyish-brown with orange color at the base of mature trees to the upper bark becoming a beautiful red-orange that tends to peel and flake on the branches, sometimes revealing the smooth green bark beneath.
  • Buds small, brown color
  • Fruits are cones are 1.25 – 3″ long with scales that are diamond shape
  • Prefers full sun and tolerant of partial sun
  • Problems with many insects and diseases including; pine wilt nematode, conifer aphid, white pine weevil, pine spittlebug, nantucket pine tip moth, zimmerman pine moth, bark beetles, pine root tip weevil, Eurpoean pine sawfly, scanker disease, sooty mold, needle cast (brown spot), gall rust
  • Valued as the most common christmas tree in the United States, the leading pine tree distributed throughout the world and used often as a bonsai tree
  • Zone 2 – 8