Mulberry Tree

Botanical name: Morus species
Family: Moraceae (mulberry)Mulberry - Morus species - Leaves and Berries

  • Native
  • Deciduous
  • Hardwood
  • Dioecious or monoecious (species vary)
  • Medium size tree
  • Height 35-45′
  • Rapid growth rate slowing as it matures
  • Simple, lobed leaf with  serrated margins having an alternate arrangement on twigs
  • Fruit is edible. Young fruit is often white or pink, darkening becoming red, purple and eventually if left unpicked they may turn black as it ripens into a delicious sweet fruit. The fruits sometimes dry on the branches and become a candy-like, sweet, chewy fruit. Yummy!
  • Used in pie, jams, eaten raw, dried and food coloring.
  • The wood has many uses and carves nicely leaving a tiger’s eye marble finish that when oiled brings out a depth and shine that makes it the author’s favorite woods for creating beautiful custom wood working projects. The twigs have a long history of being used for basket making, too.