Botanical name: Koelreuteria paniculata
Family: Sapindaceae

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Goldenraintree leaf seeds pod

A.K.A. golden rain tree, golden rain tree, china tree, varnish tree, pride of India

  • deciduous
  • reaches a height of 35′-45′
  • round crown 20′-25’in width
  • moderate to rapid growth rate
  • compound, pinnate,leaves with alternate leaf arrangement
  • leaflets that are so deeply serrated (toothed) they appear lobed
  • yellow flowers have four petals that grow in terminal compound racemes
  • fruits are dark brown to black, berry-like seeds that grow in three-sided inflated, hollow, bladder-like seed pod
  • is on invasive species list in parts of the U.S.
  • Adaptable to acidic 4.5 pH and alkaline 8.0 pH soils
  • adaptable to various soil conditions
  • full sun
  • zones 5-9