Common Lilac

Botanical name: Syringa vulgaris
Family: Oleaceae (olive)

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Common Lilac - Syringa vulgaris - Leaves and Flowers

  • Deciduous
  • A tall, medium size shrub that sometimes looks like a small tree.
  • Height is 7 to 16′ and can get up to 12′ wide.
  • Leaves are simple, opposite, ovate, 2 to 4 inches long and vibrant green.
  • Blossoms in mid. to late spring with sweet fragrant clusters of mauve flowers, 4 to 8 inches long.
  • Branches can grow fairly straight or turn into many winding stems moving in a twisting and spiral course.
  • Lower parts of the branches and twigs don’t grow leaves
  • Bark is light to dark grey, smooth when it is young and shreds when it’s older and larger in diameter.
  • Creates many suckers each year.
  • Likes Full sun.
  • Problems with frequent mildew in humid places.
  • Susceptible to leaf miners, scale and borers, leaf spots
  • blights, wilt and other viruses.
  • Hardiness Zone 3 – 7