Callery Pear Tree

Botanical name: Pyrus calleryana
Family: Rosaceae (rose)

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callery pear

  • Deciduous
  • Reaches a mature height of 30′-45′ rarely 60′
  • Upright crown with a width of 25′-35′
  • Rapid growth rate
  • Branches are susceptible to storm damage
  • Alternate, broad ovate, simple, shiny leaf with finely serrated margins 1.5″-3″ long and about 2″ wide
  • Beautiful spring and autumn colors of yellow, red and purple
  • White, 5 petal flowers appear before the leaves in the spring
  • Small .5″ fruit with seeds
  • Capable of forming thickets and dominating other plants nearby
  • Prefers full sun but will grow in partial shade
  • Tolerant of drought
  • Adapts to a variety of soil conditions
  • Resistant to blight
  • On invasive species list in some states
  • Zones 5- 9A

Trees that are good alternatives to planting callery pears:

Serviceberry – Amelanchier arborea
Eastern redbud – Cercis canadensis
American plum – Prunus americana
Hawthorn – Crataegus