Boxelder Tree

Botanical name: Acer negundo
Family: Aceraceae (maple)

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Boxelder - Acer negundo - Racemes

A.K.A. ash-leaf maple, three-leaf maple, ash maple, western boxelder cutleaf maple, cut-leaved maple, stinking ash, red river maple, California boxelder, sugar ash, and black ash

  • Native
  • Deciduous
  • A small to medium size occasional tree.
  • Height of about 65-75′ and a trunk diameter of 3′ (often smaller)
  • Enjoys full sun
  • Leaves are opposite, pinnately compound 2-3″ long usually with 3-7 leaflets
  • Dioecious
  • Flowers are drooping racemes
  • Fruit – Paired samaras (seeds) are eaten by birds, squirrels and and other animals
  • It is one of our most common trees.
  • Growth rate is Fast growing and fairly short lived
  • It is usually not recommended for cultivation in the yard – due to the fact it produces so many seeds, often has multiple trunks with irregular growth, that can form thickets, and the wood is not a very strong – making it prone to storm damage
  • On invasive species list in some states
  • Plant Hardiness Zones 3-8